Mandel butterfly.

Fractal design transformed to wallpaper pattern.

This collection started as experiment with procedural fractal graphic. Repeating tile has resolution 4200 x 5600 px

Technical details

Graphic file size

4200×5600 px
PDF or JPG file | CMYK or RGB

Printing dimensions

(one repeating part)

300 ppi36 cm47 cm
150 ppi71 cm95 cm
120 ppi89 cm119 cm
100 ppi107 cm142 cm

Available services

  • Graphic file of Image section for test printing in real size
  • Preview textures at a higher resolution for 3D visualizations
  • Customization of coloring and final print size
  • Cooperation with interior designers on his projects
  • Placement the preview design to your interior designs - photomontage
  • Different types of licencing or commision fees

Different options

Mandel butterfly-169-6
opt. [169-6]
Mandel butterfly-169-8
opt. [169-8]
Mandel butterfly-169-9
color hue & saturation
opt. [169-9]
Mandel butterfly-169-11
opt. [169-11]
Mandel butterfly-169-2
opt. [169-2]
Mandel butterfly-169-3
opt. [169-3]
Mandel butterfly-169-4
color hue & saturation
opt. [169-4]

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